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Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand

Aro Digital Office

Working closely with the founders of Aro Digital, we improved the functionality and aesthetics of their office space. We designed a number of dedicated break-out spaces for staff to work collaboratively or independently. A back of office lounge was created to provide staff with a comfortable space to take a short break and relax.

New entertainment spaces were introduced, which doubled as desk spaces, allowing the team to enjoy Friday drinks and team events. These spaces featured a unique design that was both functional and visually appealing.

Using inspiration from other offices featured on WelllingtonNZ's coolest offices blog, we created a modern and welcoming office space that fostered collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

Upon completion, the Aro Digital beachfront office was featured in the WelllingtonNZ's coolest offices blog itself, highlighting the creativity of Aro Digital's office space.

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Rakesh Rana
Modal was very punctual, and spot on with discussing drawings ideas that I had, They took all the pain away from my major house rennovations which many others were scaring me just to start with. They were very good, and efficient, doing great work including dealing with council papers and needs. I highly recommend Modal Architecture - They're great Wellingtonians!
Jonty Hodge
Commercial Fitout
Modal helped us with a redesign of our office space at Aro, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Modal through this process. They saw our vision right away, to help us enrich our existing space without taking away all the unique characteristics. They were meticulous in the design process and guided us through each step, from proof of concept to adding the finishing touches - inevitably being featured on WellingtonNZs coolest offices blog. I would highly recommend Modal for any project that requires a great deal of creativity, attention to detail, and initiative.