WHO are we?

Modal started with the goal of addressing human-first design. What is human-first design and why is this so important? Ultimately, humans thrive in spaces that allow them to live their lives, whatever that lifestyle is. Do you need a space for the dog? Do you need space for the whole family to stay at Christmas? Human first design addresses your lifestyle and builds a design brief around not only what you want in a home, but what you need to improve your way of living.

Our kiwi founder, Sam Hodgson, started his career at a large multi-disciplinary practice working on the Southern Response Housing Initiative to rebuild homes affected by the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. This experience gave him a vast understanding of homes from many different eras of New Zealand construction. Following this, he worked on the upgrade of an apartment building along Oriental parade in Wellington.

Sam spent some time in a design an build practice that mastered the designer / builder workflow, thereby removing the unnecessary steps and integrating two business styles into one. A simpler workflow has been adopted to provide a better client experience and reduce the delays that occur in traditional construction.

With this residential experience in tow, Modal's founder went on to work through larger projects and deliver multi-residential homes in developments around the Wellington region. With a housing crisis in full effect, the solutions to housing were to make livable spaces that improved the urban fabric of the area. This housing provided more than 10 times the original housing in its place. With a strong understanding of spatial and industry complexities, he set out to make a mark on the construction industry, focusing on everyday kiwi's looking to enhance or create their own slice of paradise - the Kiwi dream.

Sam Hodgson - Architectural Designer

Sam Hodgson

Founder | Director
What we do

We design with longevity in mind; the world is heading to a carbon free or carbon alternative future - why sit on our hands now and wait for that to happen? Let's think more than 50 years into the future and start building homes that are made to outlast us and withstand the test of time. This is not just about making something stand for a long time, we want to be using proven design principals that will ensure the house is comfortable to live in and be easily maintained in 5 years, 50 years, and 100 years from now. Can we predict the future? No way! But we can improve New Zealand housing to meet and exceed the standards being used in similar climates around the world.

How do we operate in design, and how does this affect building? 
We believe that the designers and builders need to work side by side to create incredible spaces for living while making the building process much easier! Decades of friendly ribbing have gradually led to a rift between builders and architectural designers. It's important for us to know where our skills are and where they are lacking - let's give building back to builders and work to get good results for our shared clients. Modal have design partnerships with a number of building companies. We help ensure your project runs smoothly from your first meeting through to move-in day with well maintained industry relationships.

Our work