Lindsay Manalaysay

Lindsay Manalaysay

Architectural Designer

Lindsay completed her master’s degree in Interior Architecture in early 2022 and is now proudly working as an Architectural Designer at Modal Architecture.

Lindsay is incredibly motivated and driven to grow as a designer and develop her technical skills. She's always been a creative person from a very young age and always knew that she wanted to be in the creative field going into university. Her Master's thesis project focused on a new approach to the design of student halls of residence to enable students to express their individuality as a means to maintain personal well-being.

Prior to joining Modal Architecture, she was privileged enough to have worked with Charlotte Minty Interior Design. After five years of study she has developed a genuine passion for creating interior spaces that will nurture user’s needs and impact user’s overall well-being. Outside of architecture, she has interests in graphic design, furniture design, fashion, & food.

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