Lindsay Manalaysay

Lindsay Manalaysay

Architectural Designer

Lindsay is a highly skilled Architectural Designer at Modal Architecture, known for her impressive accomplishments and dedication to her craft. She completed her master's degree in Interior Architecture in 2022 and has been making remarkable strides in the field ever since.

Lindsay's creative inclination has been evident since her early years, driving her to constantly grow and excel in her profession. Her Master's thesis project focused on revolutionizing the design of student halls of residence, enabling students to express their individuality and enhance their personal well-being.

Before joining Modal Architecture, Lindsay gained valuable experience at Charlotte Minty Interior Design, refining her skills and nurturing her passion for creating interior spaces that cater to users' needs and well-being. Lindsay's diverse interests in graphic design, furniture design, fashion, and food provide her with a rich source of inspiration, infusing her work with fresh ideas and boundless creativity.

With her exceptional talent and deep understanding of design principles, Lindsay continues to leave a lasting impact at Modal Architecture. Her dedication to creating remarkable spaces reflects her genuine passion for her craft and her commitment to delivering outstanding results.

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