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Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand

Coolidge Heights

Welcome to Coolidge Heights: A Captivating Oasis of Luxury and Living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Meticulously crafted, this masterpiece seamlessly blends opulence, performance, and functionality. Nestled in the serene landscapes of the vibrant Brooklyn in Wellington, this visionary home offers an extraordinary living experience.

From the beginning, the design concept aimed to create a forever home that integrates generous entertainment spaces and a luxury baking business down the line. The residence embraces the natural topography, nestled among trees and shrubs. The two-level and four-level structures showcase meticulous attention to detail, featuring exposed masonry, plaster render, and vertical panelling.

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the Coolidge Heights Residence prioritises well-being and functionality. A four-story lift shaft provides breathtaking views of Wellington's hills and harbour, ensuring seamless vertical mobility. The entertainment level flawlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces. The bedroom level offers spacious hallways and luxurious walk-in showers, reflecting an unwavering commitment to comfort and convenience.

Performance is at the core of this architectural marvel, featuring high-quality framing and glazing. The outdoor space is thoughtfully designed to accommodate vegetable gardens, and provisions have been made to accommodate, epitomising the project's commitment to a low-energy-use future.

Our design philosophy shines through in Coolidge Heights, creating a high-quality, healthy home that stands the test of time. Immerse yourself in luxury living and connect to nature through architectural design. Discover this architectural gem in the vibrant Brooklyn community of Wellington, New Zealand.

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Essen Engineering
We thoroughly enjoy working with Modal Architecture. They are great at communicating and working together to create great outcomes for our clients.
Jonty Hodge
Commercial Fitout
Modal helped us with a redesign of our office space at Aro, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Modal through this process. They saw our vision right away, to help us enrich our existing space without taking away all the unique characteristics. They were meticulous in the design process and guided us through each step, from proof of concept to adding the finishing touches - inevitably being featured on WellingtonNZs coolest offices blog. I would highly recommend Modal for any project that requires a great deal of creativity, attention to detail, and initiative.