High-performance homes are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand as homeowners and architectural designers alike seek to reduce the environmental impact and running costs of residential buildings. These types of homes are built to be more energy-efficient and sustainable, while also providing a comfortable and healthy living space.

One of the key features of high-performance homes is thermal insulation. This includes the use of high-quality insulation materials in the walls, floors, and roof to reduce heat loss during the colder months and heat gain during the hotter months. In addition, high-performance homes also utilize solar shading and double-glazed windows to prevent heat gain and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.


To further enhance energy efficiency and indoor air quality, high-performance homes often include air barrier systems like Intello Wrap and mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems. An air barrier system is a continuous layer of material that is installed to prevent the movement of air through the building envelope. Intello Wrap is a popular option due to its ability to manage moisture and prevent air leakage. On the other hand, mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems use fans to extract stale air and bring in fresh outdoor air while also transferring heat from outgoing to incoming air. This ensures healthy indoor air quality and reduces energy consumption.

Another critical feature of high-performance homes is the maximization of natural light and ventilation. This is achieved through strategic window placement and the use of skylights, which can reduce the need for artificial lighting and provide a better connection to the outdoors. Natural ventilation systems are also designed to promote natural air circulation, reducing the need for artificial cooling and ventilation systems.


High-performance homes offer numerous benefits to homeowners and the environment. They provide a sustainable and energy-efficient living space that is comfortable, healthy, and cost-effective. With the cost of housing and energy continuing to rise in New Zealand, high-performance homes are an increasingly attractive option for those looking to build or buy a new home. These homes offer a smart and sustainable solution that aligns with environmental goals and reduces carbon footprints. For both homeowners and architectural designers, high-performance homes provide an opportunity to create a better and more sustainable future.

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Modal was very punctual, and spot on with discussing drawings ideas that I had, They took all the pain away from my major house rennovations which many others were scaring me just to start with. They were very good, and efficient, doing great work including dealing with council papers and needs. I highly recommend Modal Architecture - They're great Wellingtonians!
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Modal helped us with a redesign of our office space at Aro, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Modal through this process. They saw our vision right away, to help us enrich our existing space without taking away all the unique characteristics. They were meticulous in the design process and guided us through each step, from proof of concept to adding the finishing touches - inevitably being featured on WellingtonNZs coolest offices blog. I would highly recommend Modal for any project that requires a great deal of creativity, attention to detail, and initiative.
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