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Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand

Aspen House

Aspen House showcases the transformative power of spaces with purposeful design. Confronted with limited space for entertainment, our clients, Ash and Alex sought a harmonious solution to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modal Architecture's solution centered around the creation of an Entertainment Kitchen. By relocating the space for easy access to the existing decking, we established an immersive connection between the indoors and outdoors, perfectly suited to their entertainers lifestyle.

The kitchen, a fusion of functionality and style, features cutting-edge appliances and clever storage. It even has a pet corner for Alfie the puppy and Sootie the cat. This culinary haven delights Ashleigh and caters to guests, exemplifying form and function in harmony.

Aspen House blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, inviting guests to relish gourmet delights. This house exemplifies the potential of architectural vision. It celebrates the spirit of hospitality, human connection, and elevated living.

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Dean Galbraith
Residential Extension
We're very happy with Modal's performance on our house extension project. They were very approachable and had some great ideas to offer. They really listened to us and delivered a design in a timely manner that was exactly what we wanted.
Alison Berry
Residential Renovation
Modal helped us with a significant reconfiguration and extension of our holiday home on Waiheke Island. They were a delight to work with, carefully explaining the ins and outs of all stages of the process and provided ongoing support and design options as we moved through ideas. Modal put the experience of your project at the forefront of their minds, delivering a quality space for us to enjoy regularly.