Building Consent

Building Consent

Your building consent requires a number of documents to work alongside the architectural drawings, things like project specifications, supporting documents, Certificate of title for evidence that you own the property - the list goes on. 

Obtaining a building consent can take between 4-6 weeks. Your local councils have 20 working days to process a building consent, however, when many consents are underway, this can often take longer. When our building consent package of work satisfies all areas of compliance and there are no additional questions from your local council, They will approve your building consent - Woo!

The process of submitting, managing, responding to queries and obtaining approved documents is normally managed by Modal. This keeps things moving more effectively and saves any confusion with technical queries the council may have about your project. Once the consent is approved and we have received the documents, you may start building work on site - although in many cases, this is when tendering the job starts.

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