Developed Design

At this critical stage in your project, our architectural designers work to refine your home design to ensure that it not only looks great on paper but is also practical and functional for construction. We make design decisions that impact the building process, such as structural lines, bracing, and decorative elements, to ensure that your home is safe and visually stunning.

In addition to structural considerations, we also take into account compliance elements that are necessary for local council approval. We tweak and refine the design to reduce complexity, making the process smoother for your local council and builders on site. This attention to detail means that your home will be built to the highest standards, with minimal complications and delays.

Modal Architecture - Developed Design

The developed design phase is also the perfect time to select materials, color schemes, and cladding types. We offer a variety of options and work with you to create a design that reflects your unique style and preferences. By testing new color palettes and cladding options, we ensure that your home is both visually stunning and functional.

Overall, the developed design phase is an exciting part of the project, as it brings your vision to life. Our team of architectural designers works tirelessly to ensure that your home is designed to the highest standards, with safety and functionality as our top priorities. Contact us today to start your journey towards your dream home!

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Essen Engineering
We thoroughly enjoy working with Modal Architecture. They are great at communicating and working together to create great outcomes for our clients.
Nick Morten
New Builds
Modal was very responsive & quick to take on feedback, and to produce/iterate plans - the council accepted the plan documentation with very few change requests. The resulting tiered house layout has resulted in excellent all-day sun to all properties, as well as plentiful parking.