Resource Consent

Resource Consent

Sometimes, renovations and new build projects don’t meet all of the rules in the district plan. When this happens, we can either keep designing to reduce the impact your design will have on these rules, or we can go through a resource consent with an assessment of environmental effects. It is important to know that redesigning to minimise effects often means sacrificing part of the design and the brief - this is why many new build homes opt in for a resource consent. 

If your home doesn’t meet the rules in your local district plan, a planner will usually need to be engaged to work with your architectural designers to compile architectural plans, elevations, renders and a supporting report that outlines all relevant areas of the district plan.

These reports are in depth and analyse how each rule is either being complied with or broken, and to what level it is being broken. ‍Resource consents can take some time, and some back and forth as projects become more complex. 

When your resource consent is approved, an approved resource consent letter is issued with resource consent conditions attached which inform the Concept & Developed Design stages for things like boundary non-compliance & in some cases, material selections.

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