Resource Consent

The design of your project must comply with the regulations set by the local district plan. In situations where the design may fall short of meeting all the rules, your architectural designer can collaborate with a planner to ensure that it still meets the regulations while minimizing any potential impact on the surrounding area.

The resource consent process is a thorough one, where your architectural designer leverages the latest technologies to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) models, shading assessments, and other relevant information to showcase how your project is designed in a positive way. The process involves the preparation of detailed architectural plans, elevations, visual representations, and a comprehensive report outlining the compliance or non-compliance of the design with the district plan regulations.

Modal Architecture - Resource Consent

The report provides a deep analysis of how each regulation is either followed or contravened and to what extent. Your architectural designer works closely with the planner to provide all the necessary information to show how your project is designed in a positive way and minimizes any potential impact on the neighborhood.

The process of obtaining a resource consent can take some time and may require revisions to the design, but it is crucial to ensure that the project meets the necessary regulations and positively responds to your project brief. Upon approval, you will receive an approved resource consent letter with conditions attached that must be followed during the design and construction phases, such as boundary non-compliance and material selection requirements.

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