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Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand
Modal Architecture New Zealand

Middleton Road Development

This architectural development is located in the rolling hills of Johnsonville and adds value to the property through a comprehensive renovation and the addition of a new infill dwelling. The development is situated in a prime location, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the hills and conveniently located near key cities such as Porirua, Lower Hutt, and Wellington. The design takes into account the challenges of the site, delivering a fantastic outcome that enhances the overall living experience for the residents.

The area boasts excellent public transport links, making it easy to travel to and from nearby cities and attractions. The location is also conveniently close to shopping centres, providing residents with easy access to all the necessary amenities and services. The rolling hills provide a picturesque backdrop to the property, making it a highly sought-after location for those who value both urban conveniences and the peace and tranquility of the countryside. The addition of the new infill dwelling ensures that more families can enjoy all that this wonderful location has to offer.

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Nick Morten
New Builds
Modal was very responsive & quick to take on feedback, and to produce/iterate plans - the council accepted the plan documentation with very few change requests. The resulting tiered house layout has resulted in excellent all-day sun to all properties, as well as plentiful parking.
Chris & Janna George
New Build
Excellent results achieved with virtually no input from myself. Council even gave Modal the nod for doing a fantastic job. Very impressed.