Why NZ should keep "The quarter acre" lifestyle property alive

In New Zealand, the quarter-acre block is a distinctly Kiwi way of life. But with an ever-growing population and a desire for more space, is the quarter-acre block really sustainable? Let's take a look at why the quarter-acre block is worth keeping around.

Space to Grow

One of the main reasons why people choose to live on a quarter-acre block is because it offers them space to grow. With a larger land area come more opportunities to cultivate a beautiful garden, build a treehouse for the kids, or simply have a pet dog. For many Kiwis, having some extra space is a priceless commodity.

A sense of community

Another great benefit of living on a quarter-acre block is that it fosters a sense of community. In such close proximity to your neighbours, it's easy to get to know the people who live around you and form strong bonds. This can create a strong sense of community pride and belonging, something that is often lacking in larger suburban areas.


Living on a quarter-acre block can also be more affordable than you might think. When you compare the cost of living on a large suburban block vs. a smaller urban one, you'll often find that the price difference isn't as significant as you'd expect. In many cases, it may even work out cheaper to live on a quarter-acre block!

There are many reasons why living on a quarter-acre block is still a great way to live in New Zealand. From the extra space it provides to the strong sense of community that it fosters, there are plenty of benefits to keeping the Kiwi dream alive. So if you're thinking about making the move to a lifestyle property, don't hesitate – go ahead and do it!


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