Ollie O'Shea

Ollie O'Shea

Architectural Designer

Ollie spent several years out of high school working in the construction industry both in New Zealand and Australia before relocating to Wellington to study architecture. Ollie recently completed his master’s degree at Victoria University where he chose a thesis topic with a strong design focus, to complement his passion for good design and an evident need within NZ’s changing urban framework.

Ollie’s thesis investigated Cromwell, a small town in Central Otago. A town, it is argued, that would benefit from major structural changes. The research was inspired by traditional urban principles and a theoretical understanding of Place. This resulted in a re-imagining of the town. A dialogue that investigated the scars of the former township, now long underwater, layering history with a future vision aimed at unlocking yet untapped potential.

Outside of architecture, Ollie enjoys getting outdoors both in Wellington and beyond. He can hit a golf ball everywhere but the green and enjoys spending time with friends and family. Given the chance, Ollie occasionally returns south for a proper winter experience and a bit of time on the mountain.

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